Q & A Session: The Spiritual Warfare, Unveiling Satan’s Strategies to Destroy the Life of the Believer – September 9th, 2014

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Q and A Background
This session of questions and answers is based on the topic of Spiritual Warfare and specifically answering the following questions:1. What exactly is spiritual warfare?


2. How do we overcome the spiritual warfare and make it as a believer all the way to death?

3. How does the intense war we are in affect the church as a whole?

4. How does this battle affect our families?

5. Is the suffering of everyday life apart of the spiritual warfare, if so, why doesn’t God just do something about it?

6. What is the importance of Spirituality in this battle against the enemy?

7. What do I do about the spiritual attacks in my dreams, visions, or in my conscience?

The panel consists of Pastor Charles Griffin, Ki Hughes, Rafael Fajardo, and Geovanny Martinez presenting the topic and the questions.